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We're getting VERY excited for our big Oktoberfest event this September...It's the first time La Jupe has taken it off-site, and hired a big venue to throw a proper Munich style party in....So lay out your lederhosen, dust off your dirndls, and get your twirly moustaches ready for the big day!


The key thing about Oktoberfest is...well, the beer really. Many events outside of Germany that we've been to in the past don't quite get this, and serve up any old lager. If you're lucky it might actually be German, but it's usually not a real Fest beer. Fest beer is fairly high strength (5.8% abv and upwards), and full bodied with slightly sweet notes and a *very* moreish finish. It's home and birthplace is Bavaria, and we've partnered with the worlds oldest brewery Weihenstephan, the Bavarian State Brewery, to bring you the real deal.

Read more about the amazing old Monastery Brewery here...

And read more about the event/book your tickets right here:

We can't wait to crack that first keg of the good stuff on September 30th....See you there!

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