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The Team



Mad Hatter & Owner. Also lead maracas in the secret La Jupe quartet. The king of dad jokes - but don't tell Connor!

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La Jefa (Manager). Loves wine almost as much as she loves her cats - Diego & Frankie. The lady with a tattoo for every situation - she's lost count!

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L'artiste - and our bar lead. Does an amazing impression of Tom Waits. Main mixing lady who loves anything Italian! We often refer to her as the witch with all potions. Bourbon kinda woman.

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The biggest smile in the bar. Jemma is like that ray of golden sunshine on a rainy day and we love it when she's on shift. You will too! A licensed life coach that can bring positivity to any hard day.


Caitz Snr

The glue that holds the kitchen together when the floor gets hectic! And up for nicest person in the bar award's a grudge match against Jemma! Lived everywhere, from Wales to Germany.

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 Second maracas in the secret quartet. Normally found rocking out in the kitchen to anything metal! Some head of hair on him, it's where he keeps all the secret la jupe recipes.

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Caity Jnr

Our Irish lass and the second Caitlin G to join the team. Other than setting the bar up for the day whilst singing along to Noah Kahan, Caity is a florist and often creating beautiful arrangements for the bar and her etsy.

 Full disclosure - she is not related to Sío.



The Geordie with a dad joke for any occasion. Connor is the man that has a story for every second of the day. When he's not shaking things up behind the bar you will find him at the gym or with a red ale in hand - his favourite is the king mule that we stock!

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