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The Team



Mad Hatter & Owner. Also lead maracas in the secret La Jupe quartet. The king of dad jokes!

Photo of the manager Siobhan


La Jefa (Manager). Loves wine almost as much as she loves her cats. The lady with a tattoo for every situation!

Screenshot 2023-07-30 at 21.00.05.png


L'artiste - and our bar lead. Does an amazing impression of Tom Waits. Main mixing lady who loves anything Italian!



The biggest smile in the bar. Jemma is like that ray of golden sunshine on a rainy day and we love it when she's on shift. You will too!


Caitz G

The glue that holds the kitchen together when the floor gets hectic! And up for nicest person in the bar award's a grudge match against Jemma!

Photo of Matt


Blackbelt in most things. Second maracas in the secret quartet. Normally found rocking out in the kitchen to anything metal!

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