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Thank you to everyone that voted for us at the recent Glasgow Bar Awards!

We were lucky enough to place for three categories which is amazing considering the competition we were up against.

Placing in the top 5 for both best bar team as well as best drink (the Balché Annan)

and of course our legendary Aimee winning 'unsung hero'. Up against the likes of Absent Ear, Charlie Browns and Radisson Red. All of your votes are highly appreciated. We are so proud to have Aimée a part of our team.

The awards ceremony was on Monday 12th February and the majority of the team made it up for a fabulous night of drinks, dancing and tacos.

You can read all about it in next weeks Helensburgh Advertiser! Aimée will even sign your copy if you're lucky..

Here are some pictures of the team from the evening.

The gents looking very dapper - Connor, Matt, Phil

The team very proud of our hero - Jemma, Caity, Matt, Connor, Sío, Phil, Aimée

Here is to team la jupe - the best there is!

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