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Exploring the Hospitality Gems of London

Phil and I are just back from a busy few days down south in London exploring the bars and getting inspiration to bring back up to La Jupe as well as catching up with old friends and family!

London is home to some of the best bars in the world and we always have a great time exploring the hospitality scene. We were even able to try 'Scarfes' , which placed at number 41 in the top 50 worlds best bars. We spent the evening working our way through a host of cocktails with Phils old friend, who is currently running the bar. We were even lucky enough to be there when Anxo Vila from Salmon Guru bar Madrid took over a section of the bar - who were placed at number 16.

Every cocktail that we tried were delicious but the stand out was the pickleback which was everything from sweet pickle to smokey mezcal.

While in London we also attended Enotria & Coe's trade fair! We were able to catch up with some of our amazing wine suppliers. Including the Lurton boys that Aimee and I visited in Bordeaux last summer. As well as our sommelier Marshall Bass! We were able to start organising some exciting things for back at the bar and we cannot wait to share more with you on this..

Arnaud Bouscaut, Siobhan McKay, Jean Lurton

Phil Luckett, Marshall Bass

Keep your eyes posted for new things coming to the bar, very soon...

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