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We turned 6!

Yesterday we celebrated 6 years of La Jupe and what a day it was!

We had tequila and mezcal brands takeover the bar, with Vivir tequila, Ojo de Tigre mezcal and el sueño tequila, Aimée created the most amazing drinks with the brands and you all loved them.

We also had some class Mexican scran cooked up by Dom from the gingerbread man.

We are very blessed to have such amazing loyal customers that have supported us through these 6 years so THANK YOU - this is a celebration for you making it possible for Phil to have this amazing little bar on Helensburgh seafront.

I personally feel extremely lucky to have called La Jupe my second home the past 3 years and watching it grow with the amazing team behind me has been worth every minute of the stress of managing a small business in this economy!

These cocktails will be available until Aimée and myself head off to Sicily next week - but there will be more on that soon..

Sio and Antonio Banderas

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