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What is La Jupe?

La Jupe is here!   La Jupe is a craft wine bar that aims to avoid anything ordinary.  We shamelessly model ourselves on those little old wine bars and cafe's in know the ones where you only find them when you're lost.  Like them, we aim to make exploring French and World wines easy.  Like them, we create an atmosphere that transports you away from the usual, and makes you feel like you've discovered the best kept secret in town.  Unlike them, we help you unravel the mysteries behind French wine labelling!  We're also easy to find.  No having to get lost to find us.  Just come and get lost in our wine list instead!

In addition to our ever changing wine list, we also have a similarly evolving craft beer list, and an ever changing line up of cocktails.  Most of our cocktails are based on classic Parisian, or prohibition-era drinks, so we're talking French 75s, French Blondes, French get the idea!

If you're looking for a true Parisian experience, then order yourself one of our mixed assiettes, consisting of the absolute finest quality continental meats and cheeses.  Served with World class sour dough bread, real french butter, crunchy pickles, Provence olives, or any number of other sides, you'll find these the perfect accompaniment to whichever wine you choose.  

À bientôt!
La Jupe


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