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What is Flammekeuche/Tarte Flambée?

What is Flammekeuche / Tarte Flambée?

Tarte Flambée or flammekueche is essentially a bacon onion flatbread/pizza. It may seem like only a few ingredients, but they are transformed into a truly delicious dish you'll instantly love!

Where is it from?

This dish is from the Alsace region of France as well as the neighboring Baden-Württemberg and Rheinland-Pfaltz areas of Germany. The Alsace region has gone back and forth on which country it is in for centuries between Germany and France. As a result, it definitely has some character from both, language and food included.

How did tarte flambée get it's name?

You might be familiar with the term "flambée" when for example, an alcohol is set alight in a pan to add flavour to a dish. Although the name for this pizza does comes from the flames, it is for a different reason. It was actually made as a way to test the heat of the oven that the farmers used to make bread.

The high heat was perfect to cook this "flamed tart", using just enough toppings to make a tasty meal, too.

We cannot wait for you to try this dish on Bastille Day with us at La Jupe - bon appétit! 🤤👌🏽

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