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Sláinte Mhath!🥃

Celebrating burns night all of this week at la Jupe with some special deals and cocktails.

We have put together an auld alliance pairing board with some stunning Scottish whisky and delicious French cheese to help celebrate!

Brand new whiskies added to our ever growing shelf and we are stoked to share them with you! We have both glengoyne (10 & 12 year old) as well as Lochlea's 'our barley' malt, both make a magical dram!

Our bartenders Aimee and Nicole have whipped up some cocktail delights for you as well. Both cocktails using primarily Scottish ingredients to keep it traditional this January!

First up we have The Cranachan, based on the traditional Scottish dessert that includes flavours of whisky, raspberry, honey, oats and cream. Re creating these flavours using Scottish brand Liquid oats raspberry liqueur, alongside the honeyed whisky liqueur Glayva. Shaken up with cream and fresh raspberries.

Secondly is the Deoch Milis (meaning sweet tooth in Gaelic) with a blend of Liquid oats original honey and vanilla liqueur, tablet fat washed rum, black walnut bitters and home made spiced date syrup.

Have a wonderful night how ever you are celebrating this burns night!

O thou, my muse! guid auld Scotch drink! Whether thro' wimplin worms thou jink, Or, richly brown, ream owre the brink, In glorious faem, Inspire me, till I lisp an' wink, To sing thy name!

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